Finding iCloud Alternatives with Qubii

by Maktar Inc
Finding iCloud Alternatives with Qubii

There is nothing more frustrating than constantly battling ‘Storage Full’ messages on the iPhone and iPad when you just want to take a photo. To add to that, each backup requires more iCloud storage space that seems to increase in cost to almost $120 A YEAR on storage!

Qubii, the revolution in effortless backups, does away with both of these headaches. The greatest feature of Qubii and Qubii Pro is that it works in the background every single time your device is plugged in to charge without any extra steps.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is the Apple-based solution for device storage solutions. As a cloud-based service, iCloud syncs email, contacts, calendars, documents, and media files from an iPhone or iPad to a remote computer server rather than a local device. While this service may be efficient to start, it can become difficult to access or manage when your device contents double or triple in size. Not to mention the monthly fees that come with larger storage sizes!

How Much Are Fees?

Initially, iCloud is free with an Apple account. However, many users soon experience the drawbacks of the Apple solution. The account only provides 5GB of free cloud storage space. Any user who has multiple devices or enjoys taking photos quickly realizes that 5GB is an extremely limited amount. With the increase of files, most users will end up with one of the three below monthly subscriptions:

50GB: $0.99 / month
200GB: $2.99 / month
2TB: $9.99 / month
6 TB: $29.99 / month
12 TB: $59.99 / month

As each user continuously collects more data and acquires new devices, iCloud can get quite costly over the years. Of course, each user can go into iCloud to sort, save, and delete files to maintain a certain quota of storage space regularly but this is quite a tedious task so many opt to just pay more for storage every year to save time.

What Happens If You Cancel iCloud? 

A significant issue with iCloud storage is once you’ve upgraded it is nearly impossible to downgrade or remove yourself from their plan.

If a user downgrades their storage plan or chooses to delete iCloud subscription altogether, iCloud gives a user 30 days to remove any data beyond the free 5GB threshold before it begins to permanently delete excess data on the server.

Not only does this take a lot of conscious time and effort, but it also blocks any further use of iCloud features until there is space available under the free 5GB limit. In other words, backup of devices is stalled until a user sorts their iCloud storage or iCloud permanently deletes the data of its own choosing.

So while it may be an easy solution to start, each iOS user is in effect bound to paying $9.99 for iCloud forever unless they can find an easy solution to back-up outside of the cloud system that can free their data from the cloud. That’s why many users are making the switch to Qubii as the easier alternative to backing up with iCloud. Qubii’s automatic back-up while charging feature allows each user to automate their back-ups, easily delete backed up content, and stop paying a monthly subscription fee for their memories.

How About Safety? 

One of the biggest concerns with remote servers is safety. Whenever our data is stored online and in the cloud, there is a chance that others can access this data without our approval. This has happened to many whose content has been held hostage by hackers who’ve threatened to delete family or personal photos and videos without payment.

Users with Qubii Duo don’t have to worry about this security because each Qubii stores your content offline in a microSD card that is only accessible by you. This offline storage means you only pay for what you use and you never have to worry about cloud security with your memories again. 

Skip the Unnecessary Costs and Obnoxious Storage Full Message

The engineers and designers at Maktar are Apple users themselves and have battled these same frustrating storage problems and fees. As a result, Qubii and Qubii Pro were born to save users the burden of storage space problems.

Both Qubii and Qubii Pro have unlimited storage space possibilities. Using a microSD that pops directly into the Qubii, a user can decide whether to upload files from the microSD onto a computer and reuse or to simply purchase a new microSD when one fills up.

Over 300k users rave about Qubii’s hassle-free backup as it plugs straight into a charging base and automatically backs up photos, videos, and social media content straight onto a microSD card each time a device is plugged into the charger. Check out how Moms use Qubii to save themselves costly iCloud Fees and unending ‘Storage Full’ Alerts for good!