Nukii Intelligent Flash Drive - Your New Key To Privacy 

More than 95% of flash drives lack adequate security protection, leaving trade secrets and confidential documents at risk of being stolen if the drive is lost. Maktar has launched Nukii, the next-generation intelligent flash drive that automatically locks and protects all contents. With exclusive patented NFC unlocking technology, users can easily unlock and manage the device without complicated processes.


Product Features


Smart Auto-Lock

Nukii redefines data security with a seamless experience—every disconnection from a device triggers automatic locking. Once locked, all data stored in Nukii will remain inaccessible to anyone until you unlock it using your personal phone. This smart feature ensures unparalleled security for your data, marrying up convenience and robust protection without any compromise in data safety. Embrace peace of mind with Nukii as your data is enveloped in a continuous shield of security.


NFC Unlock

Elevate your privacy with the patented NFC unlock feature and the dedicated Nukii app. This advanced technology allows you to unlock Nukii with just a simple tap while ensuring exclusive and secure access to your sensitive data. Forget all the complex keys and passwords—your key to privacy is now in the palm of your hand.



Activate the read-only mode in Nukii to ward off any potential virus infiltration in the ever-evolving realm of digital threats. Plugging your USB into someone else’s computer has always been a battle against the odds of virus infection. Well, not any more with Nukii. Simply turn on the read-only setting in the app, and you’re all safe to go!


Sever-Grade Memory

Experience uncompromised storage performance with Nukii, driven by ultra-high-quality server-grade memory. This technological foundation offers heightened reliability and stability and tackles the common issues of lost data, corrupted files, or crashes in conventional storage devices.


Shared User Management

Want to share files? No problem. Add the intended users to your shared circle with a quick scan and grant each of them with either a view-only or editing permission to your files on Nukii. You’ll also be able to remove users from your shared circle anytime.


Remote Data Wipe

Embark on a new level of data security with our revolutionary remote wipe feature, which grants you absolute control over your sensitive information. Picture a scenario where, in the event of loss or theft, you can remotely erase all data through a simple command. This feature serves as the last line of defense to ensure that your personal, valuable data remains inaccessible to those with malicious intent, offering peace of mind even in the most harrowing event of losing your Nukii.

How Nukii Compares

Nukii Flash drive setup

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Product Specifications

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