5 Pain Points of Backing up an iPhone or iPad

by Maktar Inc
5 Pain Points of Backing up an iPhone or iPad

Our digital devices have become such an important fixture in our everyday life and the data on our devices are constantly at risk of being lost, damaged, or stolen. Most users have heard that it’s important to back-up your data but why do so many of us go on with our daily lives without backing up our precious memories? Read on and we’ll let you know how you can back-up without these 5 common pain points!

1.Keep Forgetting to Back-Up 

One of the most frustrating notifications on the iPhone must be the “Storage is Full” message when you’re trying to capture an unique memory. While you may delete some photos and videos in the moment, with so many things going on in our daily lives, remembering to backup is often the very last thing on a very long to-do list.

There are automated solutions that can help backup your effortlessly either online or securely offline such as the Qubii. This device makes backing up mindless because it automatically backs up your phone while it charges - no storage reminders needed! 

2.Backing Up Takes Too Much Time

So you finally remembered to back-up your phone, plug it into your laptop, and see that it’s going to take 3-4 hours? You figured you might as well back-up as much as you can so you start backing up but remove it after 1 hour because you need your phone for something else. But because you backed up half way, you know you’re going to duplicate your data if you try to back-up again so you just end up putting it off until you lose your phone or get a new one.

Oftentimes users don’t back up their phones because they don’t remember to, and by the time they remember it takes too much time. Qubii helps to solve this because not only is the back-up automated when you charge your phone, this little cube is programmed to remember where you last backed up so your backup is not duplicated...saving you time and headaches. 

3.Retrieving Back-Up Data is Too Complicated

Another frustrating point of backing up into the Cloud is how difficult it is to retrieve that data. How often have you watched the iCloud icon spin while it tries to download your content? Some folks are still not even sure why their iCloud content is not showing up on their laptops. The complications of accessing their back-up content from the Cloud can be incredibly frustrating if the user is not able to see the photos without data, not enough storage space on their phone to download, or not able to sync content across devices.

You never have to worry about retrieving data on the Qubii because it’s simply a USB drive with a microSD card. Easily browse your backup using the Qubii app; simply transfer your files between devices by plugging Qubii into your laptop’s USB port; and increase your phone storage space by replacing Qubii’s microSD card whenever it gets full. Easy to use technology makes Qubii super convenient. 

4.Data Storage Can Get Expensive

Once you’ve converted to paying for the cloud as a back-up, the fees will only add up. iCloud storage increases over time as each user gets new devices and carries over one device’s content into the next. With $9.99/month, iCloud subscription fees can add up to over $120 a year or $360 over 3 years. Since managing storage can be quite tricky without the right tools, we can easily be tied to $9.99/month for iCloud for the rest of our lives.

With Qubii you don’t have to worry about being tied down by your storage. This automated back-up solution does not have a monthly fee and makes it super easy to reuse the same microSD card when it gets full - just upload the microSD contents onto a computer and reuse! Qubii allows you to be free of any monthly fees and gives you back control of your content.

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5.Storage Policies Make it Difficult to Switch Storage Plans

What if you’d like to stop paying almost $10/month for your own memories? Apple makes it nearly impossible to downgrade or remove iCloud from your services by only giving you 30 days to download your content before it is permanently deleted. You are only able to download content onto your phone so if you’re downloading more content from iCloud than what’s available on your physical iPhone storage then be prepared for it to take a while. Not to mention that as you try to change your iCloud plan, there is no data getting backed up during this time.

At Maktar, we believe that you own your content. This is why we download your content onto a physical microSD card - completely offline - so that you can customize your storage size as needed. Let this automated backup device help you simply manage your content storage as you’d like - no monthly fees, no time limits, no full storage concerns.