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Automatic Backup Cube

Preserve Your Every Moments

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"The product idea is really innovative"

"this is one of those products I didn’t know existed and I needed in my life."

"Great gadgets! Simple enough for everyone!!!"

Japan VGP Award

"utilize smartphones for more capabilities than ever."

Never Be Reminded to Backup Again

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most elegant - why not automatically back-up your phone when it charges? Qubii is that simple.

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How it works

 Start Your Automatic Backup in Just 3 Steps

Simply plug Qubii  into your existing Apple power adapter, insert cable and plug in your iPhone. Qubii works automatically.

Step 1

Insert microSD memory card into Qubii

Step 2

Plug Qubii into iPhone adapter and cable

Step 3

Qubii works automatically in the background every time when your iPhone charges.

Own Your Memories - Quick and Easy Backup with No Fees

"So easy! Just charge iPhone and let Qubii do the rest of it! "

Be Free of Monthly Cloud Fees

Unlike cloud solutions with a recurring monthly charge no matter how much you use, Qubii stores your data onto a microSD card that can be replaced once full. Only purchase more space when you need it.

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Easily Transfer Across Devices

Try the simplify way to transfer your files from phone to laptop. Qubii works from iOS to PC and support larger files transferS over 4GB.

Is Qubii Really That Easy?

Amanda from Minnesota,
Mom of Three

With the Qubii, I seriously am backing up while charging my phone at night and don’t even have to think about it! 

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Mia from Arizona,
Mom of Two

Qubii can simplify your life. So EASY!! Even I could do it.

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Amber from California, Mom of  2

I've been using this for a month now and it's been so good to me.

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Franklin from New Jersey, Tech Youtuber

This is an excellent device for anyone looking save a few dollars on their iCloud bill.

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Kelsey from California , Mom

Qubii is a safe place for all my 16,000 photos - it backs up everything while charging my phone!

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Adam from Georgia, Tech Youtuber

It's simple enough that anyone can use it.

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Great Backup Devices

LindaG Mama of Joseph

The backup is thorough and doesn’t glitch out like some other backup devices that I had previously tried.

 I wish I had this years ago!


I love that you can back up your contacts and your social media accounts as well. I love it so much I bought my wife one as well!

Intuitive & Effortless


Having a Qubii would have been a lifesaver! You can also backup your contacts and photos from your social media accounts.

Why Qubii?


Qubii Photo Storage Device For iPhone & iPad

App Store Rating 4.8/5 (2,488)


★ Automatic Backup When Plugged In
★ Background Backups so you can use phone freely
★ Photos Automatically Categorized by Dates and Devices
★ Replaceable microSD for Limitless Storage
★ Elegant Design in Portable Size - Perfect for Home and Travel!

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