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Qubii : The Award-Winning Backup Solution

Plug in, download our app, and complete setup.
Qubii will automatically backs up your devices, social media platforms, and iCloud account when you charge your devices.

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Too much hassle to backup?

Our products are certified by multiple companies and organizations. Our award-winning technology automatically backs up your data while charging. No Wi-Fi, no problem. Hassle-free backup.

Looking for a cost-efficient backup solution?

With zero monthly charges, you have the options and freedom to choose your storage capacity; microSD Card storage available up to 2TB.

Got multiple devices?

Share Qubii with multiple devices. Qubii is programmed to recognizes different devices when plugged in.

Smartphone APP

A New App For a New Era.

Our Qubii Smartphone App gives you one-touch access to your favorite photo in original format and size. Live photos and 4K videos format compatible. Memories are personal. The Qubii App takes the full context of security and privacy issues into consideration to provide a top-notch photo data backup solution.

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Starter Basic 
For iPhone

Qubii Pro

Pro Fast Charging
 For iPhone

Qubii Duo USB-C

USB-C Ultra Fast Charging
For iPhone & Android Phone

Qubii Duo USB-A

USB-A Fast Charging
For iPhone & Android Phone


Here is what are people saying

Great Backup Devices

The backup is thorough and doesn’t glitch out like some other backup devices that I had previously tried.

LindaG Mama of Joseph

I wish I had this years ago

I love that you can back up your contacts and your social media accounts as well. I love it so much I bought my wife one as well!


What a lifesaver

Having a Qubii has been a lifesaver! You can also backup your contacts and photos from your social media accounts.


Unlimited External Storage
SD Card Available up to 2TB

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" Shaped like a small cube, Qubii automatically backs up phones while they are charging and doesn’t need internet or Wi-Fi connections. " 

" Portable drives for your phone. "

" This is one of those productsI didn’t know existed and needed in my life. "