How we Captured the Moment: Maktar Origin Story

by Maktar Inc

Since the start, we have been a team of engineers and designers driven to design quality innovative products that fit effortlessly into our customers’ lives. In a complex world, we want our products to be easy to use and love – for our customers and ourselves.

More importantly, we want to make something that lets us cherish our moments, our unique stories, for longer. 

What We Envisioned

In 2014, it all came together with the launch of Piconizer, the fresh new way to easily backup photos while on-the-go. Working as an iPhone or iPad flash drive, the Piconizer instantly backs up photos and videos with one click. With just one small device, Apple users are able to free up more storage space across their devices. 

As Apple product users ourselves, it seemed only right that we sought the most compatible and efficient products in-sync with the Apple product line. From the beginning, we’ve ensured that our team is part of Apple’s certified developer program (MFi) so that our products fit Apple standards and adapt to every iOS update.

We pride ourselves as a team that keeps innovating to find the best solution so even after launching the game-changing Piconizer in 2014, we found an even smarter and more convenient way to save our memories. In 2018, we launched a Kickstarter campaign for Qubii- the device that automatically backs up your phone whenever you charge - and proceeded to come out with Qubii Pro for the modern professional on the go.  

Qubii’s success is due to it being a fast, reliable, and time-saving device that knocks out two tasks in one small sleek design – never worry about losing power when your phone backs-up in the background while it charges. No extra steps needed to protect your memories! Simply plug in your phone to charge and let Qubii automatically backup your moments categorized by dates and even across multiple devices.

We believe that everyone has the right to keep their memories safe without having to pay a monthly fee. That’s why we built Qubii to have limitless storage options with replaceable microSD cards, so our customers aren’t stuck paying for the cloud forever.

Fitting It All In

From busy moms and dads to travel enthusiasts ourselves, our story began as a team that just hoped to hold onto the moments we love the most. Life gets busy, and we would never want our customers to miss out on saving those special day-to-day joys by having to constantly fret over storage space, iCloud fees, and choosing between precious photos in order to snap a few more.

At Maktar, we believe it’s possible to fit it all in. Check out the Piconizer, Qubii, and Qubii Pro product lines to find out more about how such small devices can seamlessly fit into the background of your eventful life and say goodbye to being tethered to monthly storage fees and hours of clearing phone space. With Maktar, you’ll never have to miss capturing a moment with the people and places you value the most.