Qubii Reviews: Back-Up Device “I needed in my life”

by Maktar Inc

What’s the hardest part about backing up your data, perhaps that explains why 1 in 3 people never have? Figuring out how and then remembering to actually do it.

– Adam, Stuff Adam Likes

Backing up vital iPhone and iPad data can be time-consuming as well as expensive with monthly iCloud service fees. With Qubii, automatic data backup is quick and effortless, not to mention much cheaper than other solutions.


I must say, this is one of those products I didn’t know existed and I needed in my life.

– Shawna, The Gadgeteer


Qubii is a straightforward device that uses microSD technology which plugs directly into the charging port of your iOS device so that with every charge, your content is automatically backed up.


This tiny device solves the biggest problems when it comes to making the physical backup. One, figuring out how to do it, especially if you’re not really a technical person. And two, actually remembering to do it on a regular basis. 

– Adam, Stuff Adam Likes


One of the best features of Qubii’s backup solution is that all the data is saved as a physical hardcopy rather than on a Cloud-based server. Qubii users are able to not only backup data seamlessly but also avoid security issues.

For one, all of your data is stored in your own hands, instead of on a server elsewhere. So it’s more secure in a sense if you are worried about privacy. In addition, it can be accessed even if there is no internet connection.



The same Qubii device can be used to store iTunes media, pictures, videos, contacts, and social media content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr across multiple iOS devices. Want to back up your whole family’s iOS devices? Qubii will instantly recognize and create separate folders for each device. A 128GB microSD can hold 68,000 photos, 160 hours of videos, and 32,000 songs. And if that’s not enough - you can always choose to purchase a larger 256GB microSD card and have Qubii’s storage be customized to your needs. 

The backup here is surprisingly speedy…It’s typically faster in fact than using Cloud storage solutions… [when] compared to Google Drive or iCloud for instance which tend to be a bit more time-intensive.



Designed for those with a busy lifestyle and who want to be free of complicated, time-consuming technology, Qubii works in the background and allows users to continue using any apps on their device while simultaneously charging and backing up precious data.  

The Qubii Pro offers the simplest and easiest way to locally back up your iPhone or iPad that I’ve seen…It’s simple enough that anyone could use it!

– Adam, Stuff Adam Likes


Users can then choose to transfer the files from the Qubii microSD card by plugging Qubii directly into the USB port of their computers or simply purchase a new microSD card and continue backing up new content. Both options are much cheaper than paying recurring monthly iCloud service fees.

It’s a small investment for a small peace-of-mind!

– Adam, Stuff Adam Likes


Qubii makes it easy to find peace of mind with your backed up content. Just simply plug your phone into charge to seamlessly back-up and let Qubii do the rest!