Qubii Reviews: Mom’s Memory Keeper

by Maktar Inc

With the parties I have thrown my girls, I save everything I have – a box of invites, their party hats, candles, anything of sentimental value. – Kelsey

As any mom will tell you, time goes too fast seeing your little ones grow up. Every moment is precious. So it’s no surprise that, as a mom, your phone is probably exploding with thousands of photos of your babies! 

 But what happens when the storage fills up, or worse when your phone crashes? No one wants to experience losing all those precious memories only because we didn’t have time to back things up. This is why so many moms are switching to Qubii.

This magical little cube plugs into your phone charger so every time you charge your phone you are backing up all those photos in your phone. Talk about the easiest way to protect those precious memories, BACKED UP WHILE YOU SLEEP. – Kelsey, KLOS + Co

Qubii is a small, sleek device that fits right into your iPhone’s charging block. Simply plug in the charging cable to Qubii and backup all of your photos and videos of your little ones while your phone charges.

With Qubii, all your content is organized by data and device folders, making it the perfect way to track your little ones growing up. 

I was just telling a mama friend that I can’t even delete the “not so great” photos of my kiddos, because, well...I have a tendency of holding onto things, especially when it comes to my kids – Jenna, Twinningonfumes

Another great feature moms love is that the photos download on to a microSD card. Since all your files are backed up onto a microSD, you can customize the size of the card and replace the card only when it gets full.  Want to transfer photos and videos to your computer? Just plug Qubii into your computer and effortlessly transfer files between your phone and computer. Better yet,  you can stop paying more each month for iCloud storage fees when you have a local back-up with Qubii! 

Once the microSD card is full, you can easily transfer the files to a computer and reuse the card or choose to buy a new microSD card, saving parents everywhere money and hassle. Parenting is a full-time job and with Qubii, protecting your photos requires absolutely no thought, effort, and monthly expenses.

And if you are anything like me and you’re always getting a new phone, trust me – you want to save these memories! You don’t want them to be erased. ...My husband, for instance, forgot to backup all his pictures to iCloud and lost them all when he got a new device. – Amber, Amberelizabeth37

Qubii is fully designed to be compatible and secure across all iPhone and iPad devices, making it easy to backup multiple devices. From the beginning, our engineers have been a part of Apple’s certified developer program (MFi) so you never have to worry about Qubii not working with iOS updates.

With over 300,000 users worldwide loving this innovative little device -   Qubii has proven to be the perfect tool to help moms and dads easily keep all their little ones’ memories! Now moms everywhere can spend more time creating memories with the perfect memory keeper - Qubii - to back them up!