The secret of Piconizer™

It is always exciting to update your favorite game on your iPhone until suddenly the ”Storage almost full” message pops up. OMG!!! You want to record your kid’s birthday party, but when you press the button on the iPhone, the “Cannot record video” error shows up!! Oh no, not now…
Well, as the time passed by, no matter which capacity you bought for your iPhone, the story will probably end the same…and end up with that dreaded “storage full” problem.
But do you know what is stealing all your iPhone storage?  

The top 3 reasons
that make your iPhone storage always get full


  1. Apps
Even when we hardly use the apps, they're still updating and caching data, which consumes a lot of storage.

  1. Photos & Videos
Our camera allows us to catch high-quality photos and videos.  Every photo takes at least 2MB of storage.

  1. Messages
We send and receive lots of links, photos & videos with friends and family every single day. It caches data too.

Do you ever check how much space is available on your iPhone?

Here is the way:

Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. > Manage Storage

Now you can review how much is used and available on your iPhone or iPad.

How to get more space?


Deleting stuff from your iPhone seems like the only way to get more space. It’s ok to delete rarely used Apps and old messages, but how about photos & videos? They are priceless memories for us. 


Is there any way we can free up space but also see all the photos on the iPhone as well? Well, this is the primary reason we created the Piconizer™.

"Piconizer™ - The world’s latest external lightning-connected accessory to backup your photos & videos on your iPhone & iPad. This allows you to view all your photos & videos on your iPhone without this accessory."

Watch the video

Let’s see how Piconizer™ can tackle your storage issues! 

Here are two main benefits of using Piconizer™

#1. Get more space.

Piconizer allows you to backup all your photos & video. We offer several ways to backup. For detailed, please check here. Piconizer™ saves your precious iPhone space for more new & interesting stuff.

#2. You still can view all your photos on the iPhone without the accessory.

What? Really? Yes. Piconizer™ allows you to view all your photos on our app without plugging in the Piconizer™ accessory to your iPhone or iPad.

How do we do that? Let’s see the magic!!!

Actually, we do a double backup. We create smaller-sized photos stored in the Piconizer™ App while we backup the full-sized photos to your Piconizer. We call the smaller-sized versions the Mini Album.

"Photos can boost smiles and bring you back to happy occasions. "

We want you to browse photos anytime, anywhere. No internet and Wi-Fi necessary.

How much storage should you get? 


It's always hard to make that decision. Don’t worry, we came up with two popular options.

#1 Piconizer - 64GB

It allows you to store 30,000 pictures.

$99.99 $149.99

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64GB is the best option if you are not crazy about taking photos but want to get more space on your iPhone. 

#2 Piconizer - 128GB

It allows you to store 60,000 pictures.

$149.99 $199.99

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If you take photos very often and love to watch high-quality video, then 128GB is your best choice. You not only get more space, but you also get the best deal on a cost per gigabyte basis.

Here is what a few of our customers have to say


John S.

Piconizer is so easy to use. Once you insert it into your iPhone, it will prompt you all along the way. It works really well. I like their App design. I can view my photos simply by year, month and day. I hate organizing and such. So it helps a lot.

Dora B.

Love it! It's just super simple to use. I can easily backup all of my photos on my iPhone. Well, my favourite part is "Mini Album". They double backup photos and videos. All full sized photos are in the memory stick and they have thumbnail versions in the Piconizer app. It's really great. Now I still can view all of my photos without memory stick.

Moji S.

This is an absolute must have for the iPhone users. I always have trouble transfering photos from my iPhone to my computer. Piconizer makes it simple to do. I can transfer photos between iPhone, iPad and laptop. Highly recommended!

Ah! Are you still there? Good. We are going to show you more secret features of Piconizer™ you may be interested in.

Question #1: Can we transfer music?
Yes. You can transfer music from your computer to the Piconizer™, except for DRM-protected music. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a systematic approach to copyright protection for digital media.

Question #2: Can I transfer PDF documents to the Piconizer™? 
Yes. You can also use Piconizer™ to view your PDF documents.

Question #3: Can I watch video? 
Yes, you can watch high-quality videos by using the Piconizer™ on your iPhone or iPad device.

Question #4: Why are you more expensive than other similar products? 
It's all about quality. Like Apple, quality products built with quality materials is normally going to be more expensive. An example is our use of Aluminum for the casing versus cheap plastic. You can see how our Piconizer is made in this video below.