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I love how easy it is to store my favorite photos and videos without filling up my phone storage!

Simple and Easy

I am the one whose phone is constantly reminding me that I don’t have enough storage. Not anymore! Once I downloaded the piconizer app it was easy and simple to clear my phone of photo storage and transfer photos from one apple device to another!

Highly recommended

This product is amazing! My husband has been trying to take it from me, I guess I can share it with him. Overall super user friendly. Just download the app from the App Store and plug in the device! You can select all of your photos and videos to download or even choose only a few and create a photo album! Another thing that is super useful is it backups your phone contacts! I change my phone every few years because of our free upgrade plan and Piconizer is perfect for that since I don’t use iCloud. (No one knows what’s in the cloud!) But with Piconizer you can see everything you’ve done even if it’s not plugged in due to the app creating a mini version of your albums. This device is user friendly, pocket sized and comes with a wonderful brown leather casing. Highly recommended for clearing up space on your phone or for storing memory!


I love this product!! It was so easy to use and freed up my phone memory for all the new pictures and videos of the season. This would make a great gift for the holidays or birthdays.


So easy to use and love the portability of the pictonizer! I'm always running out of space on my phone so this device was the perfect option for me!

Perfect portable storage

The memory on my phone is next to nothing. I’ve been using this product for more than a month now and it works so well.

The transferring is very easy. You can even make new folders to keep your files organized. As well as delete items on your phone straight from the app to free up space.

Money well spent

I love this thing. My iPhone’s storage is nearly full, mostly with pics and vids. I have trouble using iTunes, it always drives me crazy. Now I have this neat gadget. It works perfectly to remove photos and videos. Great interface.

Lightening plug needs to be a little longer

Works great, the product did download all of the pictures. But the bad part is that it will not fit an otter box case.

Piconizer™ - 64GB
Awesome! Exactly what I wanted.

This product is so easy to use. I am not tech savvy at all and this is so simple. Excellent way to backup photos. It also can back up the whole album on my iPhone directly to Piconizer. No need to organize again.

Piconizer™ - 64GB
Good for IOS and Laptop

This memory stick worked great to transfer photos off my iPhone so I didn't have to delete them. I can save them and upload else where or even use it to make prints. But be careful, unless you take the protective case off, you can't connect it , because the lightening connector on the drive isn't long enough. Over all, Piconizer is so easy to use. I like their App design. I can view my photos simply by year, month and day. I hate organizing and such. So it helps a lot.

Piconizer™ - 64GB
I love this product

It’s so hard to move files from Apple devices to my PC until I met this memory stick. This works perfectly. The application looks really nice and functional. I can backup with one-click away. How easy is that?

Piconizer™ - 32GB
Beautiful design flash drive for iPhone!

Now I don't get discouraged when I need to get images off of my phone. My 16GB iPhone runs out of storage all the time. I used to email pictures to myself. How time consuming is that? Now I can simply use this drive to back up all my photos without considering which photos I should delete.

Piconizer™ - 128GB
Product is worth the price!!

This is what I need to easily transfer a lot of photos in my phone. Once the needed app is installed, everything will simple to understand. Very happy so far!

Piconizer™ - 32GB
Awesome Purchase!!!

It's really nice and useful. It can backup all the photos and videos from my iPhone, works great! The APP is also great. I can view all the photos at a glance.

Piconizer™ - 64GB
Great device for storing photos

It's an awesome device and works really well. I saved thousands of photos to this device and there is still massive room available for more. really comes in handy.

Piconizer™ - 128GB
Problem solved

I was not able to manage my tons of photos and videos on iPhone. Found this gadget online and it works perfectly. I don't even have to use PC to do those export stuff.