Rewarding proactive

While Taipei, Taiwan is where you can trace our beginnings, we aspire to share our aspirations with our global community. Learn about our journey, our vision, what sparks the innovation, and why ”rewarding proactive” is at the core of why we do what we do.

Our Attitude

Our attitude is one way of leading our community by example. Proactively tackling an evolving collection of bold ideas followed by prototype crafting and testings. Get to know us and learn more about what lights our fire.

Our Vision

Founded by Mactaris Chen in Taipei, Taiwan in 2014, Maktar Inc is a technology company that designs products to improve efficiency and security. Chen started as an engineer then progressed on to invest and joint ventures on vast tech projects. Soon Maktar Inc. was born in November of 2014 in New Taipei City.

Our vision for our product was to create more than a trending gadget, we wanted to encourage sensibility and proactive behavior that people could respond to and carry on living their best lives. It was also important for us to create intuitive and effortless products, so our users may continue leading their lives without worrying about technological failure or an unfortunate Whoops. Today, we send out our vision with your purchase around the globe.

Our Product

Our first product, Piconizer, was made for iPhones to expand storage capacity. Through plenty of feedbacks from our guests, users, and elite tech experts, we now design for both Apple devices and Android ™ systems.

You Are The Reason

A constant that has never wavered is our desire to make your life easier through providing the right tools and encouraging a culture of leadership and personal responsibility. Our core values of personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, simplicity, efficiency, quality, and security are represented by our products. We trust the product we created. We set our goals to align with our vision.
At Maktar, we are proud to be your backup!