How it work

What does it feel like to see the “storage is almost full" pop-up message on your iPhone when adding photos, videos or upgrading your iOS version? Do the words "frustrating" and "downright annoying" come to mind? The solution: Piconizer™ from Maktar Inc.


Piconizer™: The smartest way to extend space on your iPhone or iPad.

Use this iOS accessory to free up more space for more photos and videos on your i-Device. 

Here are the 3 main reasons customers tell us why they love their Piconizer™ :


Backing up photos with just one-click
With the Piconizer™ app, you are one-click away from quickly backing up photos by year, month or date. 


Browsing thousands photos becomes simple
Our App is specially designed for photography lovers. We even auto-categorize photos. No hassle. No tech savvy needed.
Carry it everywhere while traveling

With its sleek design and light weight, you can easily drop it in your pocket or bag and it travels with you.

Meet our lovely Piconizer™ App 

To use Piconizer™, you will need to download our free App from the iOS App store. Here are some key features.

Categorize photos automatically 

No need to categorize photos by yourself. After one-click backing-up, our App automatically categorizes photos by year, month and date. 

Create personal albums simply

Through our App, you can also select photos and create folders for your favorites topics. Like travel album, wedding album, pet album.etc. 

View and share photos anytime 

While backing-up, we make another small image formatted copy of your photos in our App. This allows you to view and share photos on social media without this accessory. 

What storage size should you get?

We know it is hard to make storage decisions. So, we made a storage comparison table for you below: 

If you want to free up space and are not crazy about taking photos, 64GB may be your best option.

But if you take photos very often and also want to view some photos from other high quality photos transferred from your phone, then 128GB or 200GB may be better for you.

Ready to get extra space and do more things with your iPhone?