How can Piconizer™ help you free up iPhone space immediately?

How many photos and videos do you have on your iPhone? Do you find backing them up is always a hassle? And how do you keep them safe?

Memories are worth more than a thousand words. We decided to design and create a digital iOS accessory that keeps every important moment secure in one place and frees up storage on your iPhone.

Hence, Piconizer™ was born.

See the video above for a quick overview of the Piconizer™.

What is Piconizer™? 

Piconizer™ is the world's first-ever application and corresponding iOS digital accessory that allows you to easily and securely offload your photos and videos from your i-device onto a pocket-sized storage medium via its lightning connector.



Meet Our Lovely App

By using the latest version of the free Piconizer™ app, you can simply organize and sort through photos and videos while easily making room on your i-device for new memories.  

Here are five main features of our new Piconizer™ app:
  • Simply back up with one click

  • Easily view thousands of photos by year, month and date

  • Use Touch ID to protect your privacy 

  • No internet and computer needed, you can view photos & videos anytime

  • It’s lightweight, you can carry it anywhere


This innovative storage accessory also includes a microUSB port so you can easily download your photos and videos onto your computer later.

All without having to invest in a new Apple i-device for the needed additional storage. Welcome to the world of Piconizer™ from Maktar® Inc.


How does it work?

It’s very simple. There are only four steps, then your iPhone will be free again. No hassle, No tech savvy needed.

Which storage size should you get?

We know it's hard to make storage decisions. So, we made a storage comparison table for you below:

If you want to free up space and are not crazy about taking photos, 64GB may be your best option.

But if you take photos very often and also want to view some photos from other high-quality photos transferred from your phone, then 128GB or 200GB may be better for you.

Ready to get extra space and do more things with your iPhone? 

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